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This early pic from Scarborough (date as yet unconfirmed) shows many of the musicians who have been involved with the group (click on pic for full size) Left to right Graham Booth, Pete Shaw , Mike Hurry, George Stevenson, Pete Stafford-Honeyball and Paul Eady.    

 Paul Eady - Melodeon

Music for Crosskey is currently supplied by Paul Eady on melodeon. Amongst Morris sides  (clog is classed as ‘Morris’ alongside Cotswold (hankies and sticks) and the Border tradition (black faced and lot of shouting!) the melodeon is the most commonly used instrument both today and in the past. But we are lucky to also have Mary on Tambourine, Debbie on the tuned drum, Dave on the big bass drum and recently Jane and Chris, Pam and Roger playing between them a mixture of guitar, melodeon, mandolin and fiddle!. 



Crosskey are lucky to have had good musicians supporting them but we are always welcoming to new musicians. So if you play something, we’d like to hear from you. We can supply the dots if you need them, together with any help you may want

To replicate the infamous Big Band when we danced at Expo Steam at the East of England showground many a long year ago – the count was something in the order of 20 plus musicians - would be wonderful, but realistically we’ll settle for one or more additions!!

Go on, give it a go, contact Pete if you want a chat or info (see contact page)